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Gamyra’s DT Pro Driving Simulators bring real-road driving experiences to a completely safe environment. By combining a real vehicle cockpit with advanced software and an immersive display system, Gamyra empowers you to deliver realistic and comprehensive virtual driving experiences. Local 3D environments, tactile driving feedback, scenario specific performance evaluation and data collection and analysis enable both training and research applications. 


Real Vehicle Cockpit

A Range Rover Evoque cockpit with fully integrated driver controls and electrically adjustable leather driver and passenger seats offer remarkable realism and luxury.

Immersive Display System

A wrap-around display system covers the driver’s field of view and immerses them into the experience so they can focus on what matters - driving.

Familiar 3D Road Environment

A familiar road environment with local road features enables relevant and effective training. Replicas, or “digital twins”, of specific areas are offered upon request.

Local Traffic Conditions

Localised driving behaviours and common mistakes are added to build relevant driving skills and transferable habits.

Hazard Perception & Skid Control Simulation

Learn to deal with fatal hazards such as tire blow-outs, pedestrians crossing without warning and vehicles swerving into your lane, all within the safety of the simulator

Detailed Driving Performance

Objectively assess driving performance and provide detailed and consistent feedback on how to improve.

Use Cases

Road Safety Campaigns​

Encourage behaviour change and promote healthy competition among teenagers and young drivers to achieve the highest safety score (gamification!).


Demonstrate complex scenarios in a completely safe environment. Offer interactive training to develop practical skills. Automated reporting provides objective feedback.

Driver Behavior Research

Detect slow reaction times in TBI patients, assess the impact of road signs and markings on driver behaviour, or get a feel for a certain road design before it is implemented.

We custom build solutions to meet your specific education, training or research needs.

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