GamyraDrive 5 Pro

For Research & Development Applications

Intuitive Platform.
Advanced Results.

GamyraDrive utilizes the world’s leading driving simulation engine SCANeR. It has been in development for over 30 years and used by more than 250 organizations including car manufacturers, such as BMW, Ford, Volvo, Renault and Mazda, vehicle component manufacturers such as ZF, and leading research institutions including Tongji University in Shanghai, and many driver training centers around the world. SCANeR has also been featured in more than 500 scientific publications.

GamyraDrive includes everything needed to get started with advanced driving simulation from interfacing with simulation hardware, to designing complex experiments to gathering meaningful data. 

GamyraDrive 5 Pro Modules

Advanced Driver-
Assistance System

The Advanced driver-assistance system module enables researchers to test and validate ADAS systems by simulating sensors such as LiDAR, Radar and Camera Data amongst others to verify autonomous driving across millions of kilometers of realistic road infrastructure. This module can be paired with other modules such as the Driver Behaviour module to further study the impact of ADAS on human driver behaviour.


This module allows researchers and developers to validate sensor perception algorithms. It contains sensor simulation tools based on the advanced modeling of the physical world ensuring accuracy. The module provides a complete solution for advanced and realistic modeling which facilitates validation by simulation. The ADAS module can be used in conjunction with the Sensor Development module for further R&D purposes.

Advanced Vehicle

Advanced vehicle dynamics enables the creation and tuning of a vehicle dynamics model, including the powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics and tires. It is particularly useful for R&D teams which wish to study the behavior of a vehicle and its particular subsystems. This highly sophisticated model ensures close parity of the virtual model with real-life, serving as an excellent validation tool before dedicating resources to real-life testing.


This module provides all the necessary tools and interfaces to measure and analyze driver behaviour. Metrics such as head movements, eye movements, respiration rate and heart rate, amongst others can be measured using existing off-the-shelf devices. Integration is handled with the simulation platform ensuring that it can be used to fit specific R&D applications.