Gamyra Provides 5 Advanced Driving Simulators to Dalla Driving Academy to Offer Effective Training in a Safe Environment for 500+ Learners per Month

Over the course of 2017, Gamyra has worked closely with Dalla Driving Academy, the leading driver training centre in Qatar, to establish 2 simulation-based training centres for novice driver training at the Academy’s premises in Doha, Qatar. The centres host 5 advanced driving simulators. 

Gamyra’s DT Series Driving Simulators combine elements of top-end industrial systems with the simplicity of popular training solutions to achieve high immersion in a cost and space effective form. Our systems utilise a full Range Rover Evoque cockpit integrated with 20+ kms of Doha’s roads, incorporating realistic and challenging driving scenarios and traffic behaviours, to enable relevant and effective training in a completely safe environment.

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