Gamyra Develops a Custom Advanced Driving Simulator for Qatar University

Gamyra has designed and deployed a custom-built advanced driving simulator at the Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Centre at Qatar University. 

Gamyra’s DBR Series Driving Simulator features a Range Rover Evoque vehicle cab with fully functional driver controls. It provides a 180° horizontal field of view, which allows for realistic peripheral vision. The system’s modular designed enables additional future capabilities such as eye and head tracking.  The system contains an extensive library of roads, intersections, vehicles and other road features.

The system is used to investigate road designs and in-vehicle technologies and to evaluate their performance (e.g. possible increase/decrease of crashes) and the credibility and transferability of the simulator results to the real world. 

The advantage of driving simulators is that they can provide an inherently safe environment for driver behaviour research, which can be easily and economically configured to investigate a variety of human factor research problems.

The Centre is currently using the driving simulator in a research grant project aimed at testing variable message signs and their impact on driver behaviour.

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